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MicroCloud Cushion Insert 65cm x 65cm

MicroCloud Cushion Insert 65cm x 65cm

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Ideal for making your cushion covers look and feel fabulous again. Replace your insert with a comfy, plump and sumptuous faux-feather insert.


• Use indoor or outdoor
• Mould & mildew resistant
• Capable of holding the ‘chop’ look
• Not too soft and not too firm
• Excellent shape retention
• Comfy and supportive
• Australian made

Capable of holding the 'chop' look

Style your home like the magazines.

Generously filled, you can style elegantly for any room, bed or outdoor setting. The cushion inserts are praised by interior designers for the ability to hold the all important 'chop' look. Full, plump appearance will take your decor to the next level.

Mould and mildew resistant

Use indoor or outdoor.

The microCloud fibre blend will repel water for a quick dry result. If you feel it's time to freshen up the insert, you can easily machine wash and tumble dry.

Not too soft, not too firm

Comfy and supportive.

The combination of soft, yet resilient fibres creates a cushion that will support your back whilst alleviating pressure. The traditionally comfortable feel microCloud is known for means you'll feel like you're on a 5-star hotel bed.

microCloud fibre-fill

No prickly, unhygienic feathers.

What's inside matters! We are all familiar with the headaches feathers cause. Uncomfortable pricks from the feather stem, feathers escaping and the insert flattening easily. microCloud fill solves all those issues. More comfortable, no mess and excellent shape retention.

ITEM SIZE: 65cm (W) x 65cm (H) to fit nicely in a 60cm x 60cm cover

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