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Soft Archery Set Kids Adult Bow and Arrow Shooting Target Arrows Outdoor Game

Soft Archery Set Kids Adult Bow and Arrow Shooting Target Arrows Outdoor Game

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All the fun with none of the danger. Your new soft archery set is quick to set-up. Great for your whole family. Have hours of fun taking your boy out to the local park to shoot arrows.

Start training your kids to be archery legends. They will be sure to love their kids bow and arrow. It is very easy to assemble and great for all skill levels. Works with lefties or righties too.

Everybody knows that bows and arrows are for outdoors. Not ours. They are safe for indoors use too. Perhaps don’t ain’t them at mum. That is one risky maneuver that likely won’t pay off.

You can move everything in the carrying case. Lucky for you the case is also your target. All you need to practice your archery skills in one container. Unstring your bow after use to prolong its life.

If reaping is a likely possibility in your district then practicing with bow and arrow for kids might be helpful training. Nobody wants to be a tribute without training.


  • 2-In-1 Target storage box 
  • Suction cup arrow
  • Carry handle
  • Stable stand
  • Quick set up


Target material: Plastic

Arrow material: Fiberglass

Bow material: Fiberglass and nylon

Weight: 3.5kg

Bow size: 119cm x 20cm

Arrow size: 67cm

Opened dimension: 64cm x 64cm x 63cm

Closed dimension: 64cm x 64cm x 3cm

Colour: Black

  • 1 x Target
  • 2 x Arrow
  • 1 x Bow
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