Waterproof Pet Car Seat Cover Hammock Blue With Mesh Window NEXXG

Waterproof Pet Car Seat Cover Hammock Blue With Mesh Window

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Our car seat protector is a Premium pet product which helps keep your car clean and your pet safe while travelling. It keeps the back seat of your car clean when taking pets in the car. It is a waterproof, soft scratch proof and nonslip seat protector for pets making it perfect to prevent your car seat from water, drink, spill, & moisture etc, and offers best quality durable seating for your pets as well as your car, and keeping mud, dust, sand, and hair off of car seats.

  • The mesh window is excellent as it allows you to see your furry friends and it helps the air circulating in the back, keeping them cool on a hot day.
  • No more having scratched or having to vacuum dog hair and dirt out of your car seats every single trip.
  • No more wet dog smell.
  • It has non-skid backing.
  • The two openings in the cover allows you to fasten your pet with seat buckles, thus making it safer for pets too.
  • It comes with securing handles and seat belt sockets.
  • It fits into the car interior easily. It is easy to remove and wash.
  • Waterproof, stainproof, strong and long lasting.
  • Colour: Blue
  • Material: 600D Polyester.
  • Size: 130*145*40cm.

Please note: It is recommended that all pets should be secured with a pet seatbelt while in transit. 


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